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Technical specs

Acoustisorb is manufactured from recycled polyster, Acoustisorb provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. It can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings, such as airports, factories and schools, to reduce noise and maintain thermal comfort all-year-round.Does not contribute to flame spread and is SANS428 approved.


  • Suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial ceilings and cavity walls.

  • Offers excellent acoustic and thermal performance in one product.

  • Prevents roof drumming noise from rain, hail, wind, traffic etc.

  • Performs excellently in high humidity areas.

  • Non-irritant, non-toxic and non-allergenic.

  • 100% recyclable

  • Complies with SANS 428 fire standards and does not contribute to flame spread.

  • The fibre does not absorb water or support fungal growth.

  • The products properties prevent it from losing loft. The polyester fibre acts like a spring, therefore the fibre cannot subside more than 10%.


  • Schools, churches, airports, trainstations, recording studios, board rooms, restaurants, etc.

  • Any application where noise reduction is required and on roofs where prevention of drumming noise is required.


During the summer months, Acoustisorb, when laid horizontally as a ceiling or over purlin will reduce the downward heat flow entering by trapping the heat in the fibre. It works the same in winter by preventing the heat from leaving a building. The product retards heat flow, or slows down heat flow through the product. An important factor is thermal lag. Thermal lag means that after approximately 72 hours the heat on the one side of the product will be the same on the other. Therefore it is important to adequately ventilate the building as it will improve the performance of the product! With regards to the acoustic properties, owing to the density of the board and fibre and the softness of the material, any sound waves that approach the products behave in this manner:

  • Some of the sound is absorbed into the product and dispersed.

  • Some is deflected into other directions, thereby dispersing the sound and reducing its energy.

  • When pushed up against roof sheets, the products reduce the vibration on the roof sheeting; this means it reduces the energy and the noise that will pass through the product.


Technical specs


  • FTC08-033a, B1,B2, non-corrosive

  • Improves acoustics for a better working environment.

  • Saves on energy bill by reducing heat losses and air-conditioning energy.

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