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Manufactured by Windmaster, the Tornado Series can be used to ventilate a number of different building structures. Cost-effective and efficient, the ventilators eliminate dust and down-draught, helping to create a cleaner and healthier work environment.


  • Remove heat, dust, fumes and steam.

  • Improve indoor air quality.

  • Water and bird proof.

  • Reduce structural damage.

  • Protect stored goods.

  • Human and environmentally friendly.

  • Can be colour coated.

  • Adjustable pitch (up to 45 degrees).

  • Silent, clean and effective.

  • Virtually no maintenance and operating costs.


  • Schools.

  • Factories.

  • Workshops.

  • Agricultural buildings.

  • Hostels.

  • Assembly halls.


Turbine Roof Ventilator (Industrial)

Turbine Roof Ventilator (Domestic)




Remove unwanted smoke from your braai area or fireplace with a Chimney Champ Ventilator. It effortlessly extracts irritable smoke and creates efficient heat by drawing the fire.


  • Extracts irritable smoke and odours.

  • Prevents down-draughts and rain entering the chimney.

  • Creates quick and efficient heat by drawing the fire.

  • Ensures a smokeless fire.


  • Built-in braai areas.

  • Built-in fire places.



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Modern Fireplace


Create an instant water-tight seal using Butyl Tape.

The pliable, self-bonding tape adheres to a number of different surfaces, including irregular or uneven surfaces. It is air impermeable, waterproof and insulating.


  • Adheres to metal, glass, porcelain, concrete, plastic, polycarbonate, wood, and marble.

  • Air impermeable

  • Creates instant water-tight bond

  • Can withstand high voltage

  • Insulation properties

  • Anti-corrosion properties

  • Does not harden

  • Non-hazardous

  • Non-toxic


  • Sealing and bonding profiled metal and polycarbonate sheeting

  • Sealing external covers on solar systems

  • Air-conditioning and ducting applications

  • Sealing skylights against harsh weather conditions

  • Sealing flashings and roofing ventilation accessories


Protect your roof space by installing metal and/or poly closures at the same time as your roof sheeting.

Closures form a secure seal where gaps are created by the profile of the sheeting at eaves and ridges. This prevents things such as dust and water from entering your roof space. Our poly closures are made from a closed cell expanded polyethylene foam, meaning they are waterproof weather resistant and dust proof. Metal closures are manufactured to fit all profiles of sheeting, forming a tight seal.


  • Prevent dust from entering the roof space.

  • Prevent birds and other animals from nesting in the roof space.

  • Prevent water from entering the roof space.

  • Reduces potential damage to insulation.


  • Can be used with both metal and polycaronate roof sheeting.

  • Sealing gaps created by the profile of roof sheeting at eaves and ridges.

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