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Alububble® is a superior performance radiant barrier material, simple to use and cost effective.

This product is manufactured using a modern sophisticated continuous laminating process which consists of a layer of low density Polyethylene air cells laminated on both sides with aluminium foil or alternatively on one side with a white polyethylene layer which provides an aesthetically pleasing finish to the underside.

Alububble® uses the thermos principal of providing a reflective barrier along with adjacent air space to keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter.

Alububble® will not propagate fire and does not present a fire hazard when installed in a building.


Sisalation® is a high quality reflective foil insulation product that cost-effectively insulates and protects residential, commercial and industrial buildings against heat, cold, dust and moisture.

Essentially Sisalation® is a lamination of aluminium foil to kraft paper, or woven cloth and reinforced with fiberglass and, in some products, flame retardant adhesive. It is economical and maintenance free.



Enviro-tuff is a range of strong, durable and cost effective insulation foil products that protect all residential, commercial and industrial buildings from heat gains and heat losses.

Enviro-tuff protects against conductive, convectional and radiant heat transfer by reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat from entering the building. During colder months, Enviro-tuff assists in keeping the heat from exiting the building. Enviro-tuff further protects against dust and moisture from entering a building.

Enviro-tuff has been extensively tested both locally and internationally, ensuring all products meet the local testing requirements and SANS standards.

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